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Quite entertaining

Not very difficult (a big plus for me), and it made me smile and even laugh out loud. Nice job

Just So-so

I liked the pixel style but didn’t care for the game that much. The puzzles need to be sharper and more realistic in nature. I understand it’s not meant to be too serious and we’re talking zombies here but a skateboard to fix a flat tire? Really? Who would think of that? It’s also just too much zombie for me so it feels repetitive. More people gave it a better score so it’s obvious that this game just isn’t for me.

Make a series

Do it !

Worst game ever.

When I see point and click adventure games, I think they are games where you go and explore and enjoy moving around, along with, well pointing and clicking. One good example is Mario and the music box. But this game is nothing like that, nor any other good point and click game. It is poorly made with bad controls, insanely slow dialog, and most importantly, an insanely long and boring tutorial. It took me half an hour just to get through, and that's not including the parts of the game I played. Maybe if it was free, I wouldn't be writing this review right now, but instead, it costs 2 dollars! In conclusion, I would not suggest buying this game if your a customer, and if you're a game developer, if you want people to like this, you better get a major update!!!

Fills the p&c adventure hunger

Good, fun, monkey islandish.

Loved it! A nice blast from the past in old school adventure games

A few tweaks would make it perfect. I often talk to the Sam person until they repeat. If you could move or tap to cancel a repeat conversation. Also if tapping the edge of the screen it would be nice that you can change direction instead going to the next screen and coming back if you change your mind half way across the screen. Wonderful old school adventure a little short but worth the price of admission. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work!

Soooooo good!

This game was so good it is such a good adventure game every one who buys it will love it

Poorly translated, unimaginative. Art's good

The title says it all. The game has promise but achieves none of it.

Cute game

Would be good to have a button to skip dialogues.

Great fun!

Very funny and just challenging enough without needing to consult a walk through. A great little adventure game similar to Hugo and Penelope. Amazing how expressive such blocky graphics can be!

Enjoyed it!!

Good game 😀


Paul pixel is very basic and short, with low replay value. And don't expect a challenge. The dialogue wants to be clever, but it ends up being very trite. Also, some of the items you pick up will be hard to identify in your inventory because the shapes aren't always clear. But, the game is called Paul Pixel for a reason. If you have time to spare, you could probably knock this out in a hour or so. This game definitely has that old school pixel vibe, but nostalgia isn't enough to make it great.

Great old school entertainment

Don't let the massive pixels fool you! This is a clever, well thought-out game that not only brings back nostalgic memories, but impresses you with its own style. Logical, funny, and lots of witty meta references. Absolutely worth a play.

Retro Fun!

The story, the gameplay, the graphics and the music all joyfully bring back to life a simpler computer gaming time. The best moments are when you get stuck and think of something new to try; you quickly go back to the game that is in your pocket and get rewarded with a little bit more of the story when you are successful.

Fun and FUNNY!

The game is very fun and full of great humor. I would have loved for it to be a little longer and maybe slightly more in depth game mechanics or function. Love the game, hope for a sequel or expansion.

Fun and surprisingly engaging adventure

It's simplistic in style but fun to explore and solve the zombie dilemma. A few challenges are sprinkled in there to keep you thinking. The interface can be clunky and it's hard to tell (or remember) what the inventory items are but that will only slightly slow you down. To the developers: was that a Carol Burnett reference towards the end? I sure hope so.

I love it! 👍

So,this game for me is very addicting and fun and I like exploring and that's what this game is about.😀


I was happy until I almost finished the game and it crashed. Will not allow me to open it now, shuts down as soon as I click it. Fix or would like a refund.

Liked it

Nice game, well worth the price, not too complicated puzzles but entertaining enough


It harkens back to adventure games in the days of old. Classic point and click performance mixed with a retro style makes for a wonderful gameplay! I hope there's more Paul Pixel in our future!!

Faithful throwback

Reminiscent of old classics like Secret of Monkey Island and even a little bit Leisure Suit Larry, this game is a delight from start to finish. Not too challenging for the player, each puzzle has its own logic that makes complete sense once you figure it out. I was instantly hockey and couldn't put it down until I had completed the game, which sadly happened within just a few hours. I wish the game were longer, but I can only hope the studio makes more of these soon. My only criticism is that the sound effects play at very different strengths. I often found myself reaching for the volume control to turn them down. The C64 soundtrack is killer. Buy this game!

Fun until it breaks

It was really fun until it broke on me. In the sewer where you replace the wire, not happening for me (iPhone 7, iOS 10). I equipped the wire and even made a point to tap slowly on every part of the screen whether near the wire break or not. Absolutely nothing happens. Game is broken, unable to finish.


Lots of fun and gave me all sorts of nostalgia from the 90s!

Wonderful Hidden Gem

I loved everything about this game. If you like "Monkey Island" or "Silent Age" you'll love this beautiful point and click adventure!

So much fun

Great game!

Amazing Adventure

What an amazing game. Love the music, story, and characters. I hope they make more games like this.

Fun Point-and-Click

I grew up playing Sierra's point and click adventures, and this is a fun game in the same style. I didn't find the game overly challenging, but not all the puzzles were super obvious to solve either. It was absolutely worth the few dollars to have a afternoon of pixel-y fun! Well done!

Worth the price

Classic feeling puzzle game with some good humor. Playing casually the game took about 3 or 4 hours to complete.

Horrible. Insult to the old games

Bought this thinking it would be a flashback to playing those old 90s style games but this was garbage. No way to speed up the junk dialogue and the game is way too easy and entirely linear. Definitely not worth $3... Not even worth $1.

Great retro look and feel but too easy

I don't recall another PaC adventure game where I never once encountered a puzzle that I needed assistance from an FAQ to solve. Great experience but two hours of gameplay at most and far too simple

slow dialog, otherwise fun

I like this style of quirky game and it's worth the $2 but it is frustrating having to wait through the slow text-only dialog of the characters, which you cant skip. I did like the fact that the solutions are obvious enough that you dont need to use a walkthrough. I agree with the reviewer who was turned off by the sexism though: it was out of place and stupid in an otherwise humorous game

Good ol' fun

This game took me back to the Sierra days of kings quest and others. Super simple game play and clever puzzles. Worth it!

I can't get past the snake tiles!

They appeared when I first went inside the cave, but I couldn't figure it out so I looked at a walkthrough and you have to click on them. So I went back to the cave but the snakes weren't appearing! All I hear is a hiss sound I think it's a glitch help!!

Not worth it

Short game, far too easy, loose ends in the story, awful writing, unfunny, bad translation from German. Don't waste your time and money.


This game was awesome! Please make more.

Great fun non-arcade adventure game

Love games like this - you adventure through a world, pick up stuff and figure out how to solve the problems the character runs into. Just like old Sierra games in the 90s.


Really enjoy the game, puzzles are not overbearing. Reminds me of Space Quest, Maniac Mansion. Classic retro game feel fun and a time warp!

Loved it

Pretty challenging, but quick. The only real critique I have is that some of the objects aren't immediately recognizable when you look in your pocket, and it would have been nice for there to be a way where you could look at the objects... Just to remind yourself what you have. Also one puzzle.... Underground... Felt almost impossible to solve. It should be so hard if you have all the right pieces, and are trying to do something, and it only works if you try it over and over barely changing how you do it. Just... Slightly too clunky. But still. I loved it. Want MORE!!!

For fans of Monkey Island, old PC adventure games

I enjoyed this game a lot and wished there were more. It reminded me of the good old days of playing as guybrush threepwood in monkey island for the PC. Hopefully they make more games like this. You can tell a lot of care went into the game. It's great. Play it. Support the devs so they make more.

Pay homage to old school games and have fun, too!

What a great game based on an old school concept. Reminded me of Maniac Mansion with point and click actions. There are even some references to classic video game characters which make it all the more entertaining. Great storyline- I hope this is just "the awakening" and they come back with a sequel!

Good game

Good game... wish it wasn't so short though. A little too easy and not long enough

Nowhere near worth $3.

I'm not giving a poor review for the casual sexism, though the immaturity of the writing certainly deserves it, but for $3 I expect some challenge and a much longer experience than just over one hour of gameplay. I give the developers credit for bilking that money out of me. Well done, 13-year olds.

Fun for a day

Entertaining, with a few laughs. The touch controls are a bit clunky at times, making it difficult to progress. But thumbs up overall.

Exactly what I was looking for in a point and click

Awesome SID music, good sense of humor, nicely dramatized story, good controls. Puzzles so far are of moderate difficulty, meaning that you don't have to work out some twisted logic to figure out how to progress. Highly recommend for fans of the classic point and click genre.


I want more games like this! I feel like I'm playing space quest again in the early 90s!!!!

Paul Pixel!

I love the games simple gameplay, yet it's entertaining concept and gameplay. Become Paul Pixel, hero of his world, saving people and Mario alike, this game is really fun. 11/10 recommend

Pixel Perfect

Thank you to the Developers for a beautiful, fun and immersive game. As an addict of pixelated point and click games this has been a real treat!


Easy, silly and fun, everything you need in a point and click.

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